Flood Control Gabions


In our country and also abroad there is an increasing use of Sarazaneti. Sarazaneti finds its perfect implementation as far as the outcome and the eco-friendliness of the product are concerned in dealing with the phenomena of soil erosion and human intervention in the natural environment through infrastructure works such as traffic nature, river diversion and various other constructions.

These gabions comprise an hexagonal loop 8X10cm made from heavy duty galvanized wire / plasticized (PVC) or galvanized with 5% aluminum (GALFAN) and can be produced in various dimensions (length x width x height). Usually gabions which are larger than 2m in length are divided by diaphragms per 1m for optimum conservation of their shape during their filling with stones when installed.


1. Curb construction
2. Reinforcement of inclining grounds
3. Inner lining of pipes-channels
4. Weirs and protective waterfronts
5. Underground pipelines
6. Supports and foundations of bridges
7. Protection from rockfall
8. Control of soil erosion
9. Holding capacity of the levees


1. Few preparatory ground works and no water extraction
2. On-site assembly and installation even from non-specialist workers
3. Minimum maintenance , durability and economy
4. Effective absorption of the forces coming from the ground and hydrostatic pressures
5. Eco-friendly and aesthetically integrated construction
6. 6. The loam between the gaps increases the efficacy of gabions and maintains the physical appearance of the landscape by creating vegetation over the years


1. Wire thickness 3 mm
2. Straight wire 4 mm
3. Mesh loop 80X100mm
4. Rolls of 20m and height of 0,50 m to 4m
5. Specific mesh weight 1743 – 1930 gr/m2 according to height
6. Specific gabion weight + / – 2,00 gr/m2
7. Wire ductility (tensile strength) (BS 1442) Mpa 500 tensile strength
8. Galvanizing in accordance with BS 443 standards with minimum 255 gr/m2 amount of zinc according to the diameter.