panel keramidi

Thermal metal tile

Thermal tile panel is the most functional solution for coating houses compared with traditional ceramic tiles, combining aesthetics and excellent thermal insulation.

The standard length of the tile is 35 cm. The length ranges from 210 cm to 1540 cm per multiples of 35 cm. The clear width of the panel is 1 meter.


  • It is the only product that replaces tiles, tar paper, insulation and boards. Thus, the construction becomes lighter (12,5 kg/m2), about 1/3 of the weight of the tile, in a much shorter time and with less cost
  • Excellent thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Fully resistant to water or moisture
  • Excellent anti-seismic behavior
  • Application in small roof slopes (15% or more)
  • High resistance to pressure, time and weather conditions
  • Energy saving

NEW PRODUCT: There is a new type of tile panels available, with wood on the underside instead of sheet metal.

The tile-shaped polyurethane panel roofing system with integrated swedish timber is produced from environmentally friendly materials (CFC free), considered as ecologically and not harmful.